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Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding

Neveplast NP30 FREESKI is Neveplast’s latest innovation aimed at revolutionizing the artificial ski slopes’ industry.

Thanks to our passion for skiing, the continuous Research and development and the tireless effort of our team, we managed to realize a product that was missing in the dry ski slopes’ sector: a solution enhancing the skills both, skiers and riders, no matter the level of ability.

Neveplast FREESKI feels like natural snow, thanks to the revolutionary technology applied and the different pattern adopted, enabling an optimal and easy side grip. Neveplast FREESKI is ideal for everyone looking for pure fun and adrenaline. Skiing on Neveplast FREESKI is easy, exciting and fun.

The target that Neveplast FREESKI addresses is wide: skiers and snowboarders, from beginners to experts. Neveplast FREESKI is also ideal for pro riders who need to train in parks with excellent slipperiness qualities and easy side grip.

Among the testers who helped us in developing the new Neveplast FREESKI is Michela Moioli, Olympic SBX Champion at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics of 2018.

Michela Moioli “The new Neveplast FREESKI gave me good feelings from the very first moment. The first thing that comes to my mind is: wow, this is so fun! Feels like snowboarding on fresh snow, it’s easy and ideal for riders of every level”.

Neveplast was founded on the idea of providing a low-cost way for everyone to ski year round, whether in the city or in the mountains. Dry ski slopes built by Neveplast in urban areas are real training gyms for skiers and snowboarders. Our dry ski slopes are designed for the beginner, learning to ski or snowboard in a familiar environment, as well as for the experienced athlete, who can train just as they would on snow.

Neveplast NP30, precursor to all Neveplast products, is an innovative dry ski slope which allows you to ski by simulating real snow conditions. Based on the features of NP30, we created NP30 ALPINE, the brand new product which is the result 20 years of research and know-how and a genuine improvement on the already high-performing NP30.

The main features of NP30 ALPINE and NP30 FREESKI are:

  • Optimal lateral grip.
  • Extremely smooth, with a coefficient of friction equal to snow.
  • High safety standards.
  • Perfect for terrain parks (boxes, jumps, rails).
  • The perfect training ground for skiers who want to train between slalom and giant slalom poles, just as they would on snow.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Eco-friendly.
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